A blog that inspired me😙

Hello friends🤗

I want to thank my those buddies who followed my blog .And today , I want to share my views about that WONDERFULL!! blog that inspired me a loooot. I was so inspired by that blog that I also created my site and blog too.

Now I want to tell all of you the name of that blog so that the people who are feeling demotivated or want to get inspired can watch it.Its name is – Mistyprose.😘😍

Michelle has created this blog on the name of ‘ Mistyprose’.Not only this , she has also posted her videos on you tube , etc.When I watched her videos I was soo much impressed.I decided to make my blog and site.

Not only me, thousands of people are inspired by her.Her way of writing, making of her videos and all her effective habits and routines are sooo AWESOME!! that anyone that want to change hos or her routine can watch her videos.

I posted sooo many comments on her site and videos and sent her a friend request too on goodreads, and one day , my efforts succeed.She replied me on my e -mail   and I was sooo happy at that time .She came as an angel and a true friend un my life that has brought a huge change in my routine 

I have not even a single friend in my class or near my home.When I realsied the meaning of ‘Friend’ , then I  start living as an introvert.I started loving the company of myself and focusing on my life goals.

Soo my deare ftiends,  I just wanted to share my this lovely experience with all of you.plz watch her videos if somebody has not watched them yet.

At the end I want to say that May God bless her and her family and fill their life with lot of prosperity and happiness🤗


The Company of yourself is your bestest friend ever that will never leave you even in your hardships…👍

The Journey Begins

Hello friends!

I am Ritu and I have recently started posting my blogs.I have very very few friends .I have started blogging because I want to share my journeys that” I Will ” experience in the future.Currently I used to stay all the day at home or  at tuition because of my hectic schedule.

Now , I want to interact with more and more people and learn more about blogging .So friends!this is my first time experience so plz give me new ways and advices so that I can learn about writing effective blogs like all of you.

Plz leave your comments🙏


Good company i a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton